KLH Basic Consulting & Training Rates

Why Choose KLH

Because We Care!!! When KLH started as a small business we could not find training that focused on the real world. After investing our resources we found that only about 25% of the training content had anything to do with the real world. Of that only a small percent had anything to do with our workflow needs. More revealing was the fact that the training providers only had a generic solution that didn't cover real world needs.

At KLH Publishing we are Certified Technical Trainers (CompTIA CTT+. As such we adhere to the original CTT+ principals that put the client and their workflow needs first. KLH will be putting the focus on you and your workflow needs and will be adapting to your workflow as needed during training.

How it Works

You tell us what your needs are and what you training timeline looks like.

KLH will then provide you with several training solutions tailored around your unique workflow need and your specific timeline.

We will and have traveled anywhere in the US or on the globe to help a client.

We have been successful in training, consulting, and doing outsourcing of projects for over ten years by not providing the "One Shoe Fits All" solution are competitors are offering.

Our client list is comprised of the best corporations, educational institutions, defense contractors, government agencies, private individual, film makers, and small businesses in the United States and Worldwide. Feel free to contact us for more detailed info.

We use the software that we train on in a competitive real world environment. Everything from Structured FrameMaker to motion graphics with After Effects. No theory just real world knowledge and experience. As a small example of what we do as a publisher please consider that we do technical writing for Adobe Systems and have authored many of the Adobe Certified Expert Exams over the years. We live in the Apple Pro & Adobe Software zone!!

Listed on this page are the types of training that we offer and a general idea of our basic rates. We feel you will find them quite reasonable and competitive with the “traditional one shoe fits all” options available elsewhere.

The basic training options we can provide are: OnSite / Classroom /Online /Private /Consulting & Outsourcing of projects / OnSite Job Contracting /Seminars & Conferences

Drop us a line and let us know what your specific workflow needs are and we will be glad to send you personal quote. We will also target any quotes to your needs and will work with you to stay within budget restraints and still deliver the best training possible.

We can also help you develop your workflow via consulting and onsite outsourcing.

FrameMaker structured workflows are especially welcome here at KLH.

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Email: mab@klhpublishing.com

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OnSite Training

If you send 12 people to a traditional classroom setting you’ll end up paying around $8,000+. This doesn’t include the costs of travel & lodging. Trying to coordinate schedules and down time are also hidden budget killers.

Bring KLH onsite for a set training fee that uses a custom course outline that targets your specific workflow. No per person limits or add on fees. You also get the advantage of onsite consulting since we can get a look at the real workflow in an up close and real world situation.

In-house Rates

$1,500 One Day

$2,500 Two Days

$3,000 Three Days

$4,800 Full Week

Travel costs and training materials are extra.

Classroom Training

Classroom training is possible via our training partners in most major US Cities. It is useful when Onsite training is not possible or when combining several students with other clients can help keep budgets within reason.

Most classes run 3 days or can be configured to cover specific topics within your workflow.

ClassRoom Rates per Student

One to Three Students $1,200

Four to Five Students $1,000

Five to Eight Students $850

Eight Students plus $750

Costs are based upon a per student fee.

OnLine Training

Online training has the advantage of training employees at one time who are located in different locations.

It also has the advantage of eliminating travel and lodging costs from the training budget.

It will require a reliable connection to the Internet for those involved.

Online classes can be configured to cover specific topics within your workflow as well as provide traditional training to participants in remote locations at the same time.

Timeframes possible can be from a few hours to several days.

OnLine per Day Rates per Student

One to Three Students $450

Three to Five Students $325

Five to Eight Students $275

Eight Students plus $225

Costs can be based upon a per student fee or a flat fee for online seminars.

Private Training

Most people will agree that private training is the best option for intensive learning. It is a great option for career changers or those who work within an intensive workflow.

All attention is on you and discounts for software packages such as any of the Adobe Suites can make it actually more cost effective than the traditional training offered anywhere else. Contact us now for a great deal.

Training can be done OnSite, OnLine, or at a designated location.

Private training runs 2 to 5 days depending on the workflow and needs of the client.

Private Rates per class

One to Three Days $1,650

Four to Five Days $2,400

Two Weeks $3,850

Costs are based upon a per student fee.

Rates can be discounted for software packages such as the any of the Adobe Software Suites.